Learn to be a Virtual Assistant

Getting started can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – at all!

This 1 hour Evergreen webinar will break down the basics for you.

We'll Cover...

Entrepreneur Basics

  • Time Tracking + Invoicing
  • Schedule + Virtual Meetings
  • Project Management
  • Finding Work

Online Software

  • Image design
  • Social media scheduling
  • Email for business
  • Online course delivery

I'm Sherrie and I'm your trainer.

Prior to being a mom I worked in Business Admin, Development, and Marketing. I loved supporting other people to being successful in their fields. So when I found myself with a new baby but still needing to work I knew I wanted to continue to support others, but I also wanted the freedom to be home and raising my kids. 

Becoming a virtual assistant was the answer. 10 years later I have grown my role from assistant into the role of online business manager. I now specialize in my field and work with clients across the globe on a concierge basis.

My hope is that you'll walk away from this call with the basics to get you started in building a job that is the prefect fit for you and your family. 

  • Sherrie Anne

    “It is always a pleasure to work with Sherrie Williams. She does a top quality job in a timely manner; and is always open to making any necessary changes to the copy I share with her. She sets a high standard for herself, and truly understands what goes into being a successful virtual assistance to a harried entrepreneur.”

    Public Speaking Coach

  • Sherrie Anne

    “Working with Sherrie made my life so much easier! I like to brainstorm and talk my ideas through with someone and she was amazing at listening then offering suggestions and executing the work needed. She’s fast, efficient, and super sweet. I’m grateful for her and her support. ”

    {ther • happy}

  • Sherrie Anne

    “Sherrie is a kind, loyal, and dedicated ally, willing to go the extra mile to support her clients. She is extremely trustworthy and will go out of her way to get your job done with ease, efficiency, and professionalism. I would highly recommend her as a valuable asset.”

    Women Empowering Women Founder

  • Sherrie Anne

    “Sherrie is great to work with! Recently, she helped me move my website to a new platform and was able to take care of all the little details of that transition so I could focus on things only I can do - like writing, creating videos, and engaging my audience! Having a VA helps me grow my platform faster! I highly recommend her. ”