Cultive Rhythms

{7 Day Email Course}

Cultivate means to grow, maintain, develop. To apply oneself to improvement. Imagine what life could be like if we tended to it with intention... That's where Cultivate Life comes in. This class will help you begin to narrow in on how you want to spend your day. You will decide what in your current schedule serves you and what doesn't. At the end of the day you will know you invested your time well and where you truly wanted to be. 

This will not be your typical create a schedule class. In fact, we won’t be creating a schedule at all, we will be establishing routines and rhythms. In this 7 day class, we set a vision for how we spend our day. We will identify what we value and what our priorities are. We will then use that information to create a routine for the days/weeks/months ahead, giving you a jump start into cultivating your time. 

I can't want to see what you cultivate in the days ahead and what grows from there!

Format: 7 emails, 7 Days

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