Intentional School


In 2015 I started my homeschool Journey with 2 kids and a minimal plan of what I wanted to do. I have a journey ahead of me like most of you, but in the last few years I have refined my style and went from a little unsure of my plan to confident. I have and am still working to simplify our school days, to be present and building the family relationships, all while educating my children. I don't just want them to meet state standards I want them to excel as adults. 

I have taken the files I use to plan and run the day to day of our homeschool and made them available here for moms like you. Below is a sampling of my three main resources. However I have several products available to fit the needs of different homeschool families, whether you use a charter or file on your own. whether you have a small family or big. You can find full range of products available Here


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