Birth Plan Consultation

Birth Plan Consultation

Baby feetCreating a birth plan can be vital to your birth experience. While it is true not all births go as planned, having your wishes down on paper prior to birth can help you achieve your desires. Creating the plan itself can help a mother visualize the birth she desires, understand possible interventions, and help her comes to terms with them prior to delivery. Even when birth doesn’t go as planned there are still choices we need to make and when we are informed and have thought those choices through prior to delivery we can feel more empowered and confident in them. Whether you are having a vaginal delivery or a C-section you have choices so let me help you understand them!

Birth plan preparation is a services that is included in my Birth Doula package, however it is available as a unique services to non-doula clients.

Birth Plan preparation package Includes:

90 min consultation where we will cover each of the stages of labor and possible interventions ($15 for each additional 15 min)

Two birth plan reviews via email (additional reviews are $10 each)

Sample birth plans


These private Workshops are available via zoom or in person in Pierce County Washington, as well as King and Kitsap counties for an extra transportation fee.